the author
Tam Nguyen is a guy who had aspirations to be an artist dude of some kind, before his hopes and dreams were crushed by an adminstrative blunder in high school.

Without an art class to take in his freshmen year of high school, Tam saw his artistic ambitions dwindle away as he found himself in the world of Honors/AP classes that would prepare him for the ascension into a major college.

Currently, Tam Nguyen is receiving an education in a major college, and will find himself to be in a position to obtain a desirable and well-paying job. Until that time has come, Tam will relive his failed dream through the publication of a webcomic. Alternatively, Tam has found that some of the comics in his school paper are not as awesome as they should be, so he has placed it upon himself to create a comic that is pretty awesome.

Tam Nguyen expects to run his webcomic until the day that his first-born child is born, at which the webcomic will cease to be regularly updated, and Tam will relive his failed dream through his child, which is really unhealthy for a child's development. Alternatively, Tam Nguyen will stop running his webcomic when he feels like it.

Tam Nguyen sincerely hopes that there does not exist a hot chick who has the hots for him, yet does not desire to see Tam's webcomic to cease regular updates. That would be totally uncool. Alternatively, Tam Nguyen sincerely hopes that there does exist a hot chick who has the hots for him, despite a desire to see Tam's comic to cease regular updates. That would be haaaawt.


the comic
[somewhere i belong] is the first webcomicking experience for Tam Nguyen. It was created in response to the unentertaining comics that he would read in his school's paper. With a determination to replace those unentertaining comics with one that is most definitely awesome, Tam decided to blow the dust off his pencils and exercise his writing and drawing skills in preparation for making the school paper's comic section.

With some time and experience, Tam will probably reach a satisfactory level of drawing and writing for the comic, and people will like to read it, a-assuming that they will read the school paper, a-and if so, read the comics?

Should Tam fail to make the school paper, he would be totally sad and be all like, "woe is me," and "boo hoo hoo," and "my dinner is COLD," and most definitely, "feel the deala chinchillas they can fit on gorillas."

Would you like to be my friend?
That would be cool, but don't get all creepy on me.


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